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Food Roots was founded in 2006 by Dallas-based professionals Mark Haley and Mary Kimbrough. The two have been friends for more than 20 years and share a lifelong passion for culinary adventure and the pursuit of healthful, wholesome foods. As a child, Mary recalls being fascinated with travel as she and her family explored the various regions of the United States. She became especially enamored with her home state of Texas. Mark has childhood memories that include savoring a variety of Texas products, from homegrown produce to barbecue and Dr. Pepper. Today, Mark and Mary continue their enthusiastic exploration of Texas culinary delights, focusing on handcrafted wines and local food products. Their mission is to excite, educate and encourage others to appreciate the healthful benefits and delightful flavors of Texas foods. These objectives, combined with Mark and Mary’s shared knowledge and zest for life, drive their passion for Food Roots.

Food Roots Five Point Vision

Connect – We help people connect with their food roots.

Experience – We provide outstanding food and wine experiences for our guests.

Challenge – We challenge people to change the way they interact with food.

Educate – We promote a healthy living lifestyle through increased food knowledge.

Promote – We provide unique opportunities for our grower/producer partners to share their passion and expertise.

Mary Kimbrough, RD, LD, is passionate about Texas. She relishes meeting the people who grow and produce the state’s wines and unique food products. Mary is also enthusiastic about connecting consumers with the growers, vintners and producers of good, healthful Texas foods. These interests, combined with her background in food service management and nutrition, provide the perfect foundation for Food Roots.

In addition to being co-owner of Food Roots, Mary is a partner in Culinary Nutrition Associates, an association providing culinary nutrition consulting services to the food and food service industry. Prior to founding the two companies she was Director of Nutrition and Hospitality Services for the University of Texas Southwestern University Hospitals. Mary is recognized for her vision and leadership in marrying the culinary arts with the science of nutrition.

As a nutrition advocate and educator, Mary presents seminars, lectures and workshops that focus on the message that “nutritious can be delicious.” She has appeared on numerous television shows, including Chef Graham Kerr's "The Gathering Place." She also has collaborated with prominent master chef Victor Gielisse on various projects, including In Good Taste: A Contemporary Approach to Cooking (Prentice Hall). Her masterful blend of healthcare nutrition and culinary excitement has earned Mary numerous accolades, including the International Food Manufacturers Association’s Silver Plate Award, and Restaurants & Institutions magazine’s IVY Award winner.

Mary is an active member and leader in the Dallas Chapter of Slow Foods and Les Dames d’Escoffier Dallas Chapter.

Mark Haley, co-owner of Food Roots, is also a devotee of Texas travel, food and wine. He was introduced to a healthy food culture at a young age. His early exposure to high-quality, healthful foods continued to grow over the years, evolving from a casual interest to a long-term pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Mark brings to Food Roots an extensive background in organization along with many years of business and technology experience. As an expatriate taxation specialist at Ernst & Young LLP and a former international sales and support manager for a Texas based software company, Mark has traveled the globe and sampled a variety of food and wine from around the world. The concept of Food Roots brings him home to Texas to continue the food explorations of his youth, with a focus on healthful, wholesome products.

In addition to his business endeavors, Mark is active in professional organizations and is a member of the board of directors of the Dallas /Fort Worth Chapter of the American Institute of Wine and Food.

As a co-owner of Food Roots, Mark shares his love of learning, combined with his sense of adventure and continuing pursuit of healthful, locally grown products.

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