Custom Events and Tours

You are an event planner or food enthusiast looking for a perfect Texas food and wine event for your client or group. Our custom designed tours, virtual tours and social events can be an unforgettable experience. We will help you choose a great destination or and give you access to a diverse selection of venues and activities outside the tourist mainstream. We give you choices and work with you to create the perfect event for your group.


On a Food Roots tour we explore various Texas regions and urban areas such as Dallas / Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, North Texas and the Hill Country, and visit growers, producers and culinary experts at their farm, ranch, vineyard, workshop, kitchen, showroom or manufacturing site. We talk to the experts, listen to their stories and learn from their shared experience. We sample their products to better understand how we can integrate the diversity and abundance of Texas food and wine into our daily lives. Our goal is to give each guest an intimate food and wine experience that encourages each person to change the way they interact with their food sources. You can find a list of sample tours on our Tours page.

Virtual Tours

You can have a Food Roots experience without traveling. Our virtual tour program brings the experts to you. We can provide leaders from a variety of culinary, agricultural or food production disciplines. Our experts bring their own unique perspectives, experience, knowledge and stories to give your guests a broad understanding of the reasons for pursuing their discipline in Texas as well as the methods they use and the challenges they face. Our multi–media presentation will take your guests on a virtual tour of the farm, ranch or production facility while giving them face-to-face interaction with the owner, grower or producer.


You may want to include an educational, networking or social event. The Food Roots philosophy incorporates the best in food and wine experiences. We can help you plan a unique insiderís food experience with a personal Chef prepared lunch, dinner, social hour or reception at an intimate private venue or select restaurant with outstanding food and wine pairings. Your event can also include select locally sourced ingredients provided by a local grower or producer who will be part of your program to share their experience and knowledge to give your guests an understanding of their connection with the food featured in the meal or event.

The Food Roots Advantage:

  • Our tours are custom. We plan our tour with your input.
  • Our tours are intimate giving each guest a personalized experience.
  • Our tours are educational as well as entertaining.
  • Each tour is led by a Food Roots guide.
  • Tour guests interact with the producers, growers, owners and chefs.
  • We develop the itinerary and plan all of the details.
  • We offer a wide variety of tour destinations and activities.
  • We provide collateral materials for marketing your program.
  • We offer turn-key pricing.
  • We maintain proper tour liability insurance.

Eating local and knowing the source of your food are important food trends of interest to many people today. Food Roots explores food sources while educating and entertaining your clients through our combination of culinary and agricultural tourism. Our lifestyle oriented programs help people connect with their food roots through interaction with food growers and producers. Our grower/producer partners share their expert knowledge and passion for the products they produce. A Food Roots tour can focus on a larger scale food production, marketing strategies and food market trends as well as small artisanal local food production, while giving your people the time and opportunity to learn about and think about their connection with the food they eat. Hear first hand the real life stories of humor, difficulty and achievement from the people in the fields, the owners, growers and food producers who are committed to making their business a success.

At Food Roots we work with a broad network of growers, producers, hospitality providers and chefs to give you the experience you want. We can go from simple or casual to sophisticated. We handle all of the details. Program length and breadth is up to you. Food Roots is your resource for planning a unique Texas food and wine experience. Let us help you discover your food roots.

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