Promoting the Grower and Producer

You are a Texas grower or food producer with a passion for promoting your product by sharing your story with potential customers.

Food Roots partners with a wide variety of food growers and producers in Texas. We believe people want to connect with the source of their food and gain a deeper understanding of how their food is grown, made and delivered. To this end the grower and producer forms a key component of our agricultural and culinary tourism programs. We connect our guests with their food roots by featuring the grower/producer and their farm, ranch, manufacturing facility and products.

As a Food Roots grower/producer partner you provide the site for a tour or event. Beyond that, the level of participation is up to you. We invite you to share with our guests your knowledge, vision and passion for the food that you grow and produce while featuring and promoting your products. Food Roots handles all of the details for providing you and our guests with a mutually beneficial, engaging and exciting experience.

If you would be interested in becoming a Food Roots Grower/Producer Partner, please contact us.

Texas Peaches

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