The Food Roots Story

The Roots of Our Journey

Food Roots gives you comprehensive access to sources of Texas food and wine through public tours, custom tours and signature events featuring growers, producers and the abundance of food and wine products available in Texas, while challenging you to change the way you interact with food.

At Food Roots we believe that making excellent food part of our daily lives is a continuous journey. Part of that journey is beginning to understand the source of our food, the roots of our nutrition. We often focus on careful food selection and preparation with little knowledge of the source of our food. Where is our food grown or raised? How is it cultivated? What is the source? How was it handled? How is is prepared and packaged? How far did it travel? What is the story behind the food? At Food Roots we help answer these questions by introducing the individual to producers and growers in a custom made experience.

Urban living disconnects us from our food sources. Food comes from markets and restaurants. Food is abundant and disposable. Our food choices are often made without knowledge of, or respect for, the time and energy that goes into the growing, harvesting, processing, producing, distributing and delivery of the food we eat.

At Food Roots we believe that by understand the source of our food, our “food roots”, we become more mindful, careful and respectful of our food choice, preparation, handling and enjoyment. This leads to a greater respect for the food that nourishes our bodies and a greater respect for ourselves.

The starting point is to connect with the farmer, the rancher, the grower, the producer, the manufacturer. They all have a story to tell. These stories, these food narratives, can help us change the way we interact with food. Understanding our food roots also involves understanding the cultural heritage of the foods we eat, and the historical, regional and environmental influences of our food culture.

There are many ways to tell a story. At Food Roots we explore food from regional, native, historical, cultural and contemporary points of view. Our producers, growers and makers are the experts. They are passionate about producing great food and anxious to share their story, the story of their land and the story of their bounty.

On a Food Roots Experience we explore the source of our food but we also engage the rich abundance that each region of Texas offers.

At Food Roots we enjoy great food and wine and fascinating food stories while challenging people to change the way they think about food and interact with food. We strive to make every Food Roots experience a life-affirming event.

Please share our journey with us. Join us on a Food Roots experience.

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